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About Us

Welcome to CrossFit Rocks

  • Are you looking for a gym that is going to give you actual results?
  • Are you seeking a healthier, happier, more physically and mentally capable version of yourself?
  • Do you want to loose body fat? Become stronger, leaner and maintain a longer and more capable life as you get older?

Welcome to CrossFit Rocks. We are not just a gym but a community of people committed to health and fitness.

CrossFit is defined as Constantly Varied, Functional Movements executed at High Intensity. This means that your workout is going to be different every day to ensure adaptations across all 10 general physical skills (Endurance, Strength, Stamina, Flexibility, Speed, Power, Co-ordination, Accuracy, Agility, Balance) not specialising in only one. Functional movements are what life demand you have capacity in, no machines, no mirrors, no isolation exercises, just “real world” movement patterns that are safe and produce powerful, strong, capable humans. Intensity is key. The training is hard and fast but can be scaled to suit any and all levels of fitness. Whether you are 6 years old or 60 years old, intensity is given in doses relative to the individuals physical and psychological tolerances.

By now you have probably heard of CrossFit through social media, newspaper or your friend, it is the fastest growing fitness program on the planet setting unprecedented growth records in the fitness industry. It is here to stay and is a fitness revolution changing the landscape of how people train. Perhaps you have even done a “CrossFit class” at a commercial gym who have attempted to imitate CrossFit. If this is you are being robbed of an experience, coming to train at CrossFit Rocks will be the best decision you will ever make. Don’t take our word for it, hear it from our members.

Why choose CrossFit Rocks?

My name is Doug Armstrong. I have been a CrossFit Trainer since 2008 and am one of only a handful of Level 3 Certified CrossFit Trainers in the world. Our team of trainers at CrossFit Rocks are all experienced, motivated and passionate about teaching CrossFit and are protectors of the true values and ethos of the CrossFit community. I have been involved in teaching CrossFit Training seminars around the world since 2011 running over 80 seminars in Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Japan and the USA.

CrossFit Rocks will look after your individual needs and get you the results you have been waiting for.

Our service to you includes:

  • Teaching you the correct technique for all movements from the first day you step forward into the gym
  • Coaching you through every workout in a group environment. This does not mean cheer leading but actual coaching, your mechanics will improve every session
  • Tracking your attendance and keeping you honest about your commitment – if your not turning up you will be hearing from us!
  • Advice and guidance on mobility, nutrition and recovery
  • Offering additional services (extra cost) in specific olympic lifting classes and private training sessions to enhance your skills and fast track your performance

Our purpose built CrossFit Training facility is located at 19 Benronalds Street, Seventeen Mile Rocks. We have a box of high quality CrossFit equipment, onsite car parking, shower facilities and a new mobility room for your convenience. We are by far not the largest box in Brisbane but what we lack in size we make up in quality coaching, programming and equipment.

How do I join CrossFit Rocks?

We will guide you through the process from start to finish with your individual goals and needs as our priority. The value of training at CrossFit Rocks is the introductory process and scaling options that we apply to all of our workouts and programming to keep you safe and maximize your performance potential.

STEP ONE – A free individual consultation with one of our experienced trainers to identify any specific needs, assess pre-existing injuries, health screening and mobility assessment before you begin the introductory course. This will also be your chance to ask any questions about the services we offer and set you up for your introductory course.

STEP TWO – Introductory course. For three weeks you will be put into a small group of beginners and learn the basics and foundations of CrossFit. For more information about the introductory course check this out 

STEP THREE – Join our groups and take the biggest step forward you can into a lifetime of health and fitness

We can’t wait to meet you and look forward to working with you!

Doug Armstrong
Owner/Head Coach
CrossFit Rocks
Level 3 Certified CrossFit Trainer
CrossFit HQ Seminar Staff













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Watch the transformation of our new space in the video below!


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