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BEWARE, CROSSFIT ROCKS IS ‘HIGHLY’ ADDICTIVE! I speak through the eyes of a ‘masters’ member(i.e. 40+!!!) and truly believe I am in the right place. I embarked on my cross fit journey 19 months ago to compliment my  trail running activities. As a competitor in endurance trail running  I was looking for that next step up from a mirrored ‘gym’, personal trainers, boxing and boot camps! Crossfit has filled so many voids in my current  sporting ventures that I can’t help but think how I wished I had found it years ago. I am soon reminded by Doug that now is the right time! Doug heads a cohort of equally capable,  inspiring, motivating and nurturing instructors who are forever  willing to impart their knowledge and assist with anything from  nutrition, injury management, pushing personal physical boundaries to ‘how to explain  bruising and blisters to those who don’t know crossfit’!! I see every member, irrespective of age, sex, skill and fitness level, embraced on an equal basis, treated with respect, encouraged and develop a unique confidence that only crossfitters know…….. as I have.  How ironic, I seem to be spending more time at CrossfiT Rocks now than out running around bush trails………I’M HAPPY AND I’M ADDICTED!! – Georgina Jarden”
“Starting Crossfit at the age of 64 was more than a little daunting! Three months later I am totally hooked. I never imagined that I could work as hard and enjoy it as much. I’ve been in and out of gyms for years and had totally given up in the 6 months prior to doing the introductory classes at Crossfit Rocks, so I was not in good shape. But right from the beginning, Doug Armstrong and his excellent team have not only made me feel welcome and given me huge encouragement but so have all the other class members. Doing a class at Crossfit is like having your own personal trainer giving you tips and encouragement right through the class. I am particularly impressed by the huge emphasis on correct technique and injury prevention. At Crossfit Rocks egos are truly left at the door and everyone works to their capacity, whatever level they are at. There is no question of dragging myself off to the gym anymore, I now look forward to every session and hate missing a day. After telling my 37 year old son about my experiences, he has now started Crossfit in Melbourne so we are looking forward to some family comps in the future – Peter Young”

“I started Crossfit in 2012, but after 3 months I injured my back (not at Crossfit!). Over the next 18 months, after seeing a chiro and 2 physios, I was still in constant pain, unable to stand up straight, walk on uneven ground or carry any weight including my baby, and occasionally, on bad days, late at night I was reduced to crawling as the pain was too much when walking. Eventually, I tried a new physio who ordered an MRI and finally figured out what was wrong with my back. I had torn 2 lumbar discs, 1 of which was pushing out into the spinal column and was pressing on a nerve. In addition I had disc degeneration to the point that my discs are almost half the thickness they should be, resulting in impact damage on almost all my vertebrae. I was advised that the injury could be stabilised but never reversed, so all I could do was strengthen all the muscles surrounding the injury in order to take the load off injured areas, and that Pilates was the closest I would ever get to exercising again. And that I’d probably be in mild pain for the rest of my life, even if I ended up needing surgery. I was miserable, trapped in an ever-largening, unfit and unhealthy body, with not enough sleep or freedom to move, due to the pain. After a few months of Pilates I was faring better, with slightly less pain, but I was bored out of my mind. After experiencing the variety and intensity of Crossfit, even at my beginner level, I found Pilates uninspiring and I lacked any motivation for it to be anything other than a chore. After moving to Brisbane in October 2013 I approached Doug at Crossfit Rocks and asked if I would be allowed to join the box considering I was not very functional. It was my last ditch attempt at ever exercising again. Doug asked me to see a local physio (a long term box member fitter) for an opinion on if this was safe for me. His cautious approach reassured me that I might be able to start moving again without hurting myself even more. The physio, Doug and Dan worked together to create a plan for me. For 3 months I did one on one sessions with Dan 3 times a week, an extra basic foundation course designed to get me to a level where I could join in with mainstream classes. In January 2014 I was allowed to join the mainstream classes with Dan by my side to make sure I didn’t hurt myself, and I was so proud of this next step. After a few weeks both the coaches and I had learned what I could and couldn’t do and I was able to attend classes without my guardian angel coach. I have never felt more liberated, or a greater sense of achievement in my life. Within 2 months I was pain free and have remained that way ever since. There are many things I cant do if I want to stay out of pain, but I know my limits now, and while many can be pushed and improved, some just cannot due to the nature of my injury. I have learned so much about myself and my body, and feel freed of the unhealthy limited shell that I used to be trapped in. I may not be the strongest or fittest person by a long shot, but every little victory I achieved was celebrated by the coaches as if I was an award-winning champion. I’ll never forget Doug’s enthusiasm when I did my first weighted front squat – I felt like a champion then. I can honestly say Doug and the Rocks coaches saved my life and my sanity and anyone who is lucky enough to train with them can only become and do more, and be a better version of themselves – Shani Webber”

“The culture of any organisation filters down from the top and when you meet Doug you will understand why his gym is run in a professional, expert manner with great attention to detail for his client’s needs.  Doug is at the top of the game, he travels the world teaching people how to be a Crossfit trainer or be a better Crossfit trainer and he walks the walk. I came to Crossfit Rocks having already trained Crossfit for three years.  Doug’s’ program was a breath of fresh air, ‘pure Crossfit’, not influenced by the latest ‘training fad’ or passing’ squat program’.  While I feel very physically capable of anything life can throw at me after years of Crossfit, he can still write a workout that strikes fear into my heart and has me doubting my abilities.  And that is what I get from Crossfit Rocks; I’m constantly challenged with supportive trainers and a great friendly family culture.  The environment is competitive without being over-competitive; he really has struck an excellent balance. I do not hesitate to recommend Crossfit Rocks to my friends and family, it has well and truly exceeded my expectations – Chris Bohan”

“I stumbled across CrossFit Rocks by chance, knowing little about CrossFit and with plenty of concerns about the intensity and risk of injury.  Little did I know I had no reason to worry, training at CrossFit Rocks.   I am so grateful to be able to train under the watchful eye of the best coaches in the country.  That is no exaggeration – seriously!  Not to mention your fellow CrossFitters … they really are a friendly and inclusive bunch at CrossFit Rocks. I have exercised all my life and I promise you, it has never been more fun or exciting or rewarding as training at CrossFit Rocks.  The personal satisfaction and ‘high’ you get from achieving your goals and new personal bests (on a regular basis) is addictive!  I am fitter and stronger than I’ve ever been, with far fewer injuries than I ever sustained training for other sports.  Having confidence that my body is ‘fit for life’ is an amazing feeling.  I know I’m more than capable to meet the physical demands of being a Mum with a young family and active kids.  It’s pretty cool to be able to do things with your kids like handstands, cartwheels, throwing them in the air, carrying them on your shoulders, chasing (or racing) them and physically challenging them.  Not all parents can do that with their kids (without hurting themselves)! But the BEST thing about my CrossFit journey has been how it’s inspired me to become a CrossFit Kids coach.  After watching Mum working out a few times, my kids asked if they could do it too?  Both of my daughters (ages 5 and 6) LOVE IT and proudly identify themselves as CrossFit Kids (and talk about it non-stop)!  The fun is addictive for them too, and any kid can do it no matter what their ability level or special needs.  Sure CrossFit Kids is fantastic for developing their co-ordination, overall fitness, strength, agility and all that good stuff (did I mention it’s ridiculously fun too?).  But the life lessons my kids are learning about respecting your body, supporting and encouraging others, and the self-confidence and self-belief they are gaining is the greatest gift of all.  I’d encourage every parent to give CrossFit Kids a try – Sam Mathers”

“I’ve never before been so excited and passionate about training! Crossfit Rocks is the most incredible community of like minded people who support and inspire one another to be the best they can be! It is like a second home for me and the lessons I learn about myself each day through stretching my boundaries have a flow on effect through my whole life. Discovering this place has been a true gift 🙂 – Scott Wood”
“I was brought up eating processed foods and fully believed that a salad sandwich with some processed chicken or a bowl of pasta with store bought sauce, cheese and some veg was a healthy meal.  I have always been active and fully believed that running once or twice a week and doing the odd boot camp here and there was keeping me fit and healthy despite my weekly alcohol consumption, smoking habit and processed food diet.  I always enjoyed physical activity and spent my holidays doing hill walking.  At school I was in every sports club on offer but when I left school I struggled to find that same environment to push myself.  I wasn’t self motivated and got lazy.   I joined crossfit and realised immediately how unfit and unhealthy I actually was but I also realised that this is the environment I was looking for and got hooked straight away.  I would watch the more advanced crossfitter’s and want to achieve their ability myself.  I have been doing crossfit now for over 2 years and it has changed my life and my daughter’s.  I no longer smoke, consume alcohol and I have swapped the deep fat fryer for a vita mix.  Crossfit has changed me mentally and physically and has made me a better role model for my daughter.  I am stronger, faster and have more energy than ever before.  I have gained all of this due to a bunch of dedicated and professional crossfit coaches who are awesome at what they do, they have provided me with the foundations, skills and training to do things I never would have thought possible.  I love the fact that it never gets boring, there is such a huge variety of movements put together in different sequences and there is always something new to learn or improve on.  I love the community aspect of it and it has become my social life and my escape from work and home pressures. Love CrossFit Rocks – Linda Woods”
“Thank you Crossfit Rocks. You make me a better person everyday. You have thought me many things, physically, mentally and definitely spiritually. You helped me face and tackle my inner fears and I thank you for making me the fittest I can ever be. I have learned through you to be humble with others and honest with myself. Your coaching is of very high quality and your pragramming is excellent. Best of all, crossfit Rocks, your members, trainers and your community is addictive. “Don’t ever change – Bobbi Salami” 
“CrossFit Rocks is not just a gym. It is a community and a way of life. Joining Rocks was one of the best decisions in my life. Crossfit teaches one to not merely “look” fit, but to “be” fit – that is, to eat well, move well, think well, to honour your body and get the very best out of it – Nazlee Salami”
“For almost 3 years crossfit rocks was my outlet from work and study, it was a community for me as someone who did not grow up in Brisbane to call home. It has changed the way I view working out as I am now always thinking of different ways to train; motivation is no longer an issue and never will be again – David Tuxworth”
“My Crossfit story started nine months ago. What a journey it has been so far! So many positive things that keep me coming back for more. From the professional guidance provided by dedicated trainers to fellow members who support and cheer each other on to become better athletes. The sense of belonging to a unique community of real people who are not afraid to push their limits and improve. Best of all… It rewards hard work with results you can see and feel – Nixon Loh”
I joined Crossfit Rocks almost 4 years ago after having my 3rd child. I was looking to get back in shape and do something for myself. I’m turning 40 next year and can honestly say that I’m fitter and stronger now than I was in my 20’s. I’ve loved every session! – Fran Wagner 
“I discovered Crossfit through Doug Armstrong at Crossfit Rocks in mid 2013. I went into his box at Seventeen Mile Rocks QLD with some misgivings and significant baggage. Was I fit enough to do crossfit? Were my injuries going to make a mockery of the standard movements required? 14 years ago I shattered my right ankle in a climbing accident. Prior to starting crossfit I would be sore and limping after a 5km run. I also suffered from bursitis in both shoulders and was bemoaning my impending 50th birthday. I believed that the aches and pains and my limited physical functionality, was my burden to carry into my fifties. Little did I know.
Crossfit in the media tends to be portrayed as a highly complex, highly athletic endeavour. Whilst this is true at an elite level, Doug explained to me that crossfit is as applicable to me as it is to a Chad Mackay. The skill of Doug and his awesome trainers in delivering exacting instruction on the functional movements and in scaling each workout to the needs of each individual athlete, were what produced results. Within 9 months my ankle was a distant memory and my shoulders were no longer keeping me awake at night. Don’t get me wrong, I had an enormous road ahead with significant improvement to be sought in all areas of my fitness however, for the first time, in a long time, I was pain free and no longer living in a “mist” of restricted movement. I was hooked. Doug Armstrong and his team of trainers at Crossfit Rocks have engendered a fantastic community of athletes, from all walks of life, who are spread across the entire fitness spectrum and who all encourage and support each other in every workout. If you were at all concerned about elitism or competition rest assured that at Crossfit Rocks my first successful overhead squat with a broomstick was met with the same support and encouragement as someone else cracking out a 90kg personal best lift. 
My message to you is, and I’m proof positive…You are never too old, too injured or too unfit to start crossfit now. Especially at Crossfit Rocks – Kevin Smith”


“Training with the Rocks crew has changed my life in so many ways, here’s just a few of the benefits I have had in the past 7 months since joining Rocks:

  • Excited about working out again.
  • Great community – coaches and members are so positive and encouraging regardless of my fitness level (which is improving every day)
  • A new lease on life at 40!
  • Increased fitness levels, energy and weight loss (without any hair-brained schemes, just turning up every day for a session and doing the best I can on the day)
  • Mostly the coaches – they are really great, encouraging, supportive and they know what they are talking about!
  • Only bad thing – I didn’t join earlier – Lara Torrance”


“It all started when I promised my friend’s wife that I would knock him into shape. My experience was great form the first day, the six introductory sessions were perfect for learning the right techniques and the coaches are patient!!
CrossFit Rocks have a great bunch of people who love to encourage, although every morning I get up and dread the next work outs, the variety off work outs and friendly and dedicated coaches makes it so much easier.
Although every muscle in my body is constantly sore, I have never felt better.
I would highly recommend CrossFit Rocks to anybody – Santiya van Toorn”



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