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WOD – Monday, 20/11/2017

By admin | In CrossFit Rocks | on November 19, 2017

CrossFit Rocks – CrossFit

Everyone remind yourself to get cash out and bring it in for the Christmas dinner – we still have a few spots left!! Money due Monday – contact Kate if you can’t bring it in for any reason!

Archer is looking forward to watching you guys do Fran!


Warm-up (No Measure)

Alternating 10 rounds of Tabata

Push ups

Double unders


3 rounds

15 wall balls

100m run

Warm up pull up/butterfly pull up

Warm up thruster

Warm up weight and complete 2 mini rounds of:

5 thrusters

5 pull ups

1 minute rest

In the mini rounds focus on mechanics and being as efficient as possible – you should be able to time your breathing with your movement while moving quickly.


Fran (Time)

Thrusters, 95# / 65#

Lots of time spent practicing movement for Fran today – we want to not only be very warm but our mechanics refined and well-rehearsed before we are huffing and puffing.

How will you attack Fran today? If you have not done Fran in sub 5 minutes, consider doing thrusters and pull ups in 3 sets for the round of 21’s and 15’s. If you have a 5 minute time, you’re goal is to work closer and closer to doing everything unbroken. If you have ever done Fran before; don’t hold back and enjoy!

Advanced Athlete Extra Work

Hang Clean (3-3-3-3-3)

Gymnastics strength WOD

Warm-up (No Measure)

Lower from Candlestick – 15 reps as slowly as possible. https://youtu.be/SOY0ImXwvqw

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