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Workout of the day (WOD)

  • WOD – Saturday, 25/03/2017

    By admin | In CrossFit Rocks | on March 24, 2017

    CrossFit Rocks – CrossFit Well done to everyone who did 17.5 last night! 17.5 will be posted along with Monday’s WOD on Wodify, that’s when you will be able to enter your score. Be sure to submit your score on the games site as well! Friday Night Lights! Warm-up Warm-up (No Measure) Abmat tag Then; […]

  • WOD – Friday, 24/03/2017

    By admin | In CrossFit Rocks | on March 23, 2017

    CrossFit Rocks – CrossFit FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS TONIGHT! Brief is at 4:30pm, if you’re not coming for the workout, come for the beer! All details on the facebook event page. Will we see rings in 17.5? Warm-up Warm-up (No Measure) Mobility 1. Stretches 2. Roll out Skill Ring Muscle Ups Metcon Metcon (Time) 21-15-9 Pull […]

  • WOD – Thursday, 23/03/2017

    By admin | In CrossFit Rocks | on March 22, 2017

    CrossFit Rocks – CrossFit Heels down Just think of how we create power in all of our lifting movements; by keeping weight in the heels to engage all those beautiful big muscles on the backside of your body. Same thing needs to happen on the erg! Watch the video on our Facebook page! Our favourite […]

  • WOD – Wednesday, 22/03/2017

    By admin | In CrossFit Rocks | on March 21, 2017

    CrossFit Rocks – CrossFit This is from the final day of the 2014 CrossFit Games! Rich Froning completed this in 5:25, Mat Fraser in 6:00 and Jason Khalipa in 6:06. On the ladies side, Camille Leblanc-Bazinet finished in 7:38, Annie Thorisdottir in 6:34 and Julie Foucher in 7:35. Wessel, Shlomo, Cassi and Steph bench pressing […]

  • WOD – Tuesday, 21/03/2017

    By admin | In CrossFit Rocks | on March 20, 2017

    CrossFit Rocks – CrossFit Submit your 17.4 score by 10am today! Remember Friday Night Lights is this Friday, the last week of the open! 17.5 is announced at 10am, heats will begin at 5pm (unless it is some hideous 30 minute monster workout will all the reps, then we may start at 4:30pm). Keep your […]

  • WOD – Monday, 20/03/2017

    By admin | In CrossFit Rocks | on March 19, 2017

    CrossFit Rocks – CrossFit Rack it up Rack position in the front squat is critical to keep the bar over the centre foot. You must extend your upper back to create a meat shelf for the bar to sit on. Loose fingertip grip and elbows as high as possible. Must apply pressure up as you […]

  • WOD – Saturday, 18/03/2017

    By admin | In CrossFit Rocks | on March 17, 2017

    CrossFit Rocks – CrossFit This is a chipper! If you watched the announcemnt, you may have noticed Brooke Wells, the woman who cleared the deadlift ladder at the games last year (by lifting 188kg), did her 55 deadlifts in sets of 5! If she is doing manageable sets with a quick little rest in between, […]

  • WOD – Friday, 17/03/2017

    By admin | In CrossFit Rocks | on March 16, 2017

    CrossFit Rocks – CrossFit Last day to order the new Rocks tee! 17.4 announced at 10am, throwdown will be Saturday morning (FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS is next week)! Alisha and Simon love rowing. It’s oarsome. Warm-up Warm-up (No Measure) Mobility 1. Roll calves 2. Ball in pecs 3. Ball in glutes 4. Banded hip flexor stretch […]

  • WOD – Thursday, 16/03/2017

    By admin | In CrossFit Rocks | on March 15, 2017

    CrossFit Rocks – CrossFit YOU control the bar Be brave under the bar, lift your chest tall as you squeeze down into the bottom of the squat. Stay under tension as the bottom of the squat is no place to rest. December 2012 Heck yeah! Warm-up Warm-up (No Measure) 10 min in teams Max cal […]

  • WOD – Wednesday, 15/03/2017

    By admin | In CrossFit Rocks | on March 14, 2017

    CrossFit Rocks – CrossFit “Lock out before you land” Punch hard under the bar in the push jerk, your shoulders will be fatigued from rope climbs, and you’re about to go into a big set of hang power cleans – be sure you don’t make the push jerks more work than they should be! What […]

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